Expected results during the project

  1. Accomplishment of a study plan (adapted to the curriculum Europass) in that 5 didactic units are established (UD) to reach 2 Units of Competition. It will be implemented in a Manual and course (Output 2 and 4).
  2. Integration of periods of learning in the work as for geo-tourism and development of enterprising mentalities in the rural population associated to Geoparks and LIGs. Production of a methodological guide for the formation-learning based on the work as for geological heritage and geo-tourism.
  3. Integration of an innovative approach for the education and the learning, especially across a more strategic and integrated use of the TIC (REA, Moodle, etc.) in students of FP. Production of pedagogic materials.
  4. To increase the equality of opportunities and the employment in the area of influence of the European Geo-parks: creation of a job centre to European level and service of advising in geo-tourism destined to the priority groups of the project, with special attention to the juvenile unemployment. Priority will be met to the groups by fewer opportunities foreseen in the present candidacy.
  5. Guide of the professorship for the imparting of the structured training course.
  6. Outreach and material leaflets of promotion of the project.
  7. Validation of the competitions and the formative modules for 4 professional qualifications across a dual training course (and – learning and practices in the work) with at least 20 participants for each of the partners who integrate the present project.
  8. Establishment of a Plan of Diffusion adapted to facilitate information about the results of the project to key actors (seminars, web, informative bulletins, press, radio, TV).