The general aim of the project is to put in value the geological wealth of our European environment to stimulate the geo-tourism as way of development of conservation and sustainable use of the geo-diversity in the network of European Geoparks and as well as in the Places of Geological Interest (LIGs). Likewise, the following goals are established to give response to the needs of the population and of the tourist sector:

  1. To improve the level of aptitudes and competitions in geo-tourism reinforcing the cooperation between the world of the vocational training and the employment.
  2. To stimulate the improvements in the quality, the excellence in the innovation and the internalization in the institutions of vocational training.
  3. To promote the appearance and the raising awareness of a European space of permanent learning as for geological tourism designed to support the modernization of the systems of formation.
  4. To promote the international dimension of the FP by means of the cooperation between the program and the institutions of the associate countries.
  5. To improve the learning of the languages and to promote the wide linguistic diversity of the EU and the intercultural sensibility on the basis of the geo-diversity and the geological tourism.