The “Erasmus + Geotur” project will boost professional training in geological tourism

The Geotur project has an estimated budget of more than 292,000 euros
The territorial delegate of Environment and Territory Planning of the Board in Cordoba, Francisco de Paula Algar, presented on Thursday the international project “Erasmus + Geotur, Validation and recognition of two units of competence in geological tourism,” to promote the professional training in this matter.
As indicated by the regional government in a statement, the delegate stressed that “the purpose of the project is to establish a vocational training system with high qualifications in the field of geotourism at European level.”
For this, “the project will implement two new units of competence that guarantee a value enhancement of the geodiversity for nature tourism, as a source of income and employment generation, while ensuring the proper conservation and management of the geological heritage , mainly in the European Geoparks and rural territories with places of geological interest “, he explained.
The person in charge of Environment of the Regional goverment has indicated that “the project intends to obtain a plan of studies of professional formation at European level, integrated inside the European Center for the Development of the Training, fulfilling with the requirements and the principles of guarantee of quality “
“By participating in this project, we will promote a public education system that allows for potential growth, will stimulate the creation of quality employment, and will promote a change in the productive model that will allow for the consolidation of inclusive economic development oriented towards internationalization. and environmental sustainability “, said Algar.
The international project Geotur, approved in the last call of the Erasmus + program of the European Union, has six partners, among them, the Counseling of Environment and Territorial Planning. Promoted by the Group for the Rural Development of the Subbética Cordobesa (GDR), which acts as a leader, other partners also participate, such as the Association for Sustainable Development and the Promotion of Rural Employment, as well as international partners, such as the University of Bucharest (Romania), and other Geoparks of Italy and Hungary.
The Counseling of the Environment and Territorial Planning participates by making known the international project, contributing the experience in Geopark topics such as geotourism and environmental education.
The Geotur project has an estimated budget of more than 292,000 euros, and a duration of two years. It started in November of this year, and today the first meeting of all the international partners has been held at the headquarters of the GDR Subbética Cordobesa in Cabra.
The meeting will continue on Friday, December 14 at the Santa Rita Visitor Center of the Sierras Subbéticas Geopark and Natural Park

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