A dissemination action was organized by GEOTUR, the ERAMUS + project, of which the GDR SUBBÉTICA is a coordinator.

The students of the Formative Degree “Gender Equality Promoter”, visited the hearquarter of the GDR Subbética with the interest of knowing the work that our entity performs promoting equality in the Subbética Cordobesa (#SubbeticaComarcaenIgualdad)

The work carried out was exposed, as well as the current situation of the transversality that equality occupies within the activities of the Group.

As an example of this transversality, a dissemination action of the GEOTUR project was held, they were shown the opportunities that are offered from Europe, focusing the seminar on showing and publicizing the project launched in December and entitled GEOTUR: Validation and recognition of two units of competence in geological tourism and how to ensure the incorporation of the gender perspective in it.

To this end, the characteristics of the project were explained, explaining to the students that thanks to the 5 didactic units, corresponding to 2 Competence units that will emerge from it, they will be provided with knowledge about Geotourism and interpretation of the geological heritage sufficient to complement the regulated training. that they are receiving, becoming a possible professional outlet in our region, and in all the generated documentation equality will be taken into account, one of the premises being the visibility of said equality.

The duration of this project will be 2 years, developing the teaching units:

   a. Introduction to Geology
    b. European Geological Heritage
    c. Underground heritage and European tourist caves
    d. Geoparks and LIGs in Europe
    e. Entrepreneurship and geological tourism in Europe.

We would like to thank the CES Manuel Segura Morales for their interest in learning about our activities and the contributions we can make among all the entities involved to work for equality in the region.

GEOTUR is a project co-financed by the ERAMUS + program of the European Union.

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