A dissemination action was organized by GEOTUR, the ERAMUS + project, of which the GDR SUBBÉTICA is the coordinator.
During the dissemination action, aimed at students of the Middle and Higher Level Cycles of the IES Felipe Solís de Cabra, they have been explained the opportunities that are offered from Europe, focusing this seminar on showing and publicizing the project launched in December and that has the title GEOTUR: Validation and recognition of two units of competence in geological tourism.
In the first place, we held the first seminar with the students of the intermediate level training cycles of the center. The training offer of the center at the level of the Middle Grade Training Cycle is:
1. Facilities and Telecommunications
2. Administrative management
3. Electrical and Automatic Installations
4. Welding and Calding
5. Agroecological production.
Subsequently, the seminar was held with the students of the Higher Degree training cycles that correspond to:
1. Prevention of Professional Risks
2. Telecommunication and computer systems
3. Administration and finance.
In both seminars the characteristics of the project were explained, explaining to the students that thanks to the 5 didactic units, corresponding to 2 competence units that will emerge from it, they will be provided with knowledge about Geotourism and interpretation of the geological heritage sufficient to complement the training regulated that they are receiving, becoming a possible professional outlet in our region.
A total of more than 80 people received information about this project that, with a duration of 2 years, will develop the teaching units:
a. Introduction to Geology
b. European Geological Heritage
c. Underground heritage and European tourist caves
d. Geoparks and LIGs in Europe
e. Entrepreneurship and geological tourism in Europe
Thank the IES Felipe Solís Villechenous for his involvement in the project, on this occasion as a stakeholder, in order to actively participate in the development of materials that will serve as support for formal training, being very complementary to the training received by students in the middle.
GEOTUR is a project co-financed by the ERAMUS + program of the European Union.

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